Change is in the Air

Posted on 03/23/2017 by Joshua Mendoza

Aloha Pilots!

Makai Air is on the brink of a brand new booking and flight management system. You may have already noticed that you are no longer able to book Scheduled Flights. We are moving from a "free-for-all" dispatch system to a more interesting "Job" based dispatch system. Jobs will be generated randomly or based on a departure airport. With this new system, you will be given a more diverse set of flights and will be encouraged to fly to new destinations that you may have not normally flown into. We encourage all of our pilots to try it out and give us feedback. We have also improved the Pilot Briefing tool now! You can now generate Sim Brief flight information directly from! This means you will no longer have to juggle multiple tabs to figure out your flight. You can download the company route directly to your computer. In the near future, we will be working on a new fuel planner tool that will not require you to visit any external websites to plan your flight.

With the new booking system, we will also be reorganizing many different features of the website and adding new features. If you missed scheduled routes, don't fret! We have a plan to return scheduled flights in the near future, but slightly different than you remember.

Stay tuned, we have much more to announce in the future!


Joshua Mendoza

Makai Air